Previous year races

FAT ASS 50K , McNabb IL 1/9/10 finished 5:54:24

GREEN SWAMP 50 MILE, Dade City Florida finished 1st place AG 2/13/10

CLINTON LAKE 30 MILE, Clinton Lake IL finished 6:22 3/27/10
1st of 4 races in the Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam
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MCNAUGHTON 50 MILE, Pekin IL 4/10/10 finished 13:45 2nd race in the 2010 Illinois Ultra Grand Slam. It was hard, but I'm glad I finished the race so I can continue on my goal of finishing all four of these great Illinois trail races!

ICE AGE 50 MILE, Ice age Trail, WI 5/8/10
Finished 10:58 reached my goal of under 11 hours!
All my local "posse" finished! Great job dude/dudettes

FANS 12 HOUR ENDURANCE RUN. Minneapolis, MN 6/5/10 2nd overall Female! 63.07 miles!

DAWG GONE LONG RUN 50 MILES, Ohio 7/10/10 dropped at mile 38 due to injury. Tough day.

HOWL AT THE MOON 8 HOUR ULTRA , Danville, IL 8/14/10 -I'm volunteering at this race.

LEAN HORSE 100 mile, Hot Springs, South Dakota

ROCK CUT TRIPLE CROWN, 10K, 25K 50K 9/17-9/19/10 The 50k race is 3rd of the Illinois Grand Slam Races
finished 6:17 3rd AG award

FARMDALE 32 MILE TRAIL RUN, Peoria IL 10/9/10 final race in the Illinois Grand Slam
finished 1st OA filly

JAVELINA JUNDRED 100 MILES, Fountain Hills AZ 10/23/10 - Special Inspiration "my dad" will be cheering me on to the finish. When I was just a newborn my Dad was sent to the front lines of the Vietnam war. He bravely fought for our country for 2 years. He was a strong survivor that I am thankful for his strength to come home to me and be my father. When I'm struggling during a race I think of what he went through to get home safely to me, this get's me through many rough spots. "See you at the finish line Dad!"

finished 100k, dropped due to likely food poisoning-threw up the last 30 miles of the 100k.

2008 Ultra Trail races

Howl at the Moon 8 hour Ultra- 41.98 miles first ever ultra

Dogwood Canyon 50k- 1st place female 40-45

Javelina Jundred 100k- I finished the race even though I started with strep throat and could not talk. I figured I flew all the way there. I might as well get a belt buckle.

Tecumsuh Trails Marathon- tough Indiana hills. Rough race with cold weather, all day snow and icy trails. Was still sick but finished the race.

2009 Ultra Trail Races

Fat Ass 50k, McNabb, IL- 2nd overall female January

Green Swamp 50 mile, Dade City Florida- 1st overall female!!! 10:49 February

Land between the Lakes- was going to run 38 mile, dropped to the marathon, twisted my knee. Luckily not major damage. March

Kettle Morraine 100K- paced myself poorly, would have been fine if it was a 50 mile race. Toughed it in to the finish.

Gnaw Bone, Indiana 50k- Finished 1st in my age group.  I was going to run the 50 mile race, was pacing myself well but did not realize it was close to the cut-off. Missed it by a minute...but on that muddy course I didn't mind coming in to finish the 50k. Just meant I got to start partying early!

Devils Lake, Wisconsin 50 mile- I followed the course markers but someone had put 2 ribbons on a corner that they weren't suppose to be. Many people made the turn and started to run the course the wrong direction...a lot of them did run it backwards and were DQ. I realized my mistake and turned around. Ended up running about 56-58 miles that day. But finished!

Howl at the Moon 8 hour ultra, Danville IL- 39.98 miles. Finished 1st Master Female It was a very hot day and a lot of people were dropping out. I had to walk one entire lap. I was not digesting my water and my stomach blew up like I was pregnant. Finally I threw up gallons of red liquid. I thought I was done, but relieved from throwing up I started hammering out the miles again!

Marguette 50 mile, Michigan- 2nd overall female. Really beautiful course. I was running really well when I zoned out and kept following a logging trail for almost 3 miles...bummer...had to turn around and go back. I knew I had been 2nd female. I was glad when I found out I hadn't been passed.

Javelina Jundred 100 miles- 28:10 Awesome race- great day- fabulous! It is possible to run 100 miles and enjoy it. Love this course!

I don't remember my times for all these.  I will update later as I look them up. I'm just happy to be able to run them!