Monday, June 17, 2013

If it ain't rainin' It ain't training!!!

I thought my Inov-8 shoes looked awesome all decorated up with  MUDD and sweat! Only 23 miles of trail running could get them looking this good!

Thanks Tim Kruse & Carl Galdine for getting me through a few really tough miles. 

I had a great training run on the famous Ice Age trail in Wisconsin this weekend with my friends Tim & Carl.  We started from Emma Carlin parking lot, which is the turn around area for the Ice Age 50 mile race. It's a great place to start running because one direction you get some challenging hills and nice single track then you can go the other directions for some beautiful meadows. We were happy to have a hot & humid day with scattered rain storms. The trails were wet and muddy and the temperature was super hot & muggy! It was NOT an easy run, perfect for training!  We hit the meadows for the last 11 miles. We watched the rain clouds as they moved towards us, eventually soaking us down. My drenched friend Tim simply said, "if it ain't rainin" it ain't trainin"! Suddenly we were all laughing and loving the storm. We all helped one another and rocked out an awesome 23 mile training run! I wore my Trailroc 246's and they worked great on all the trail conditions!!!