Thursday, July 1, 2010

M.U.D.D. McHenry (County) Ultrarunning Dudes and Dudettes

My friends and I have a passion for running trails and ultra trail races. We want to share this with others and have organized a club. M.U.D.D. McHenry (County) Ultra Running Dudes and Dudettes! Traveling to different trail races is a great way to enjoy nature, be healthy, and make friends. Our home base is Crystal Lake and we have a beautiful park, Veterans Acres, with plenty of single track through the woods. Hills, meadows, pine forest and Mudd! Perfect location to train for an Ultra! We run 4-5 mile trail loops so you don't have to run ultra distances to join us. We want runners of all levels out enjoying the trails. My daughter, Tasha 11, is the youngest member at the moment. She even designed our logo! We are an easy going group that loves to laugh, stay healthy, and have a good time.

Preserving our parks is very important to us. Many of us already work on the trails but we want to expand our efforts. Veterans Acres is in need of help and as I hear of a need I will be posting times and places on our facebook page.

Our founding members are experienced and have run 50k's, 50 miles, 100 miles and more. We are always in training for something. One of our favorite conversations is running and we would be happy to share what we have learned. Join us and we can help you find a race to train for. M.U.D.D. has a long term goal (next year) to organize an Ultra in the area and have some ideas in the works. We hope to see some new friends out on the trails with us. If you have any questions you can e-mail me, Michele or Holly at