Monday, August 23, 2010

Howl at the Moon- 8 hour Ultra, Danville IL

Congrats to everyone at Howl! As usual it was a hot and humid race. It's southern IL in August, what else can we expect? I had a lot of fun at the Margaritaville Aid station. It was interesting watching it this year. Christine Crawford was focused all day long, running a great steady pace. I found out after the race she was hurting, but you certainly could not tell from watching her. She is amazing and it was great to watch her win! Ellen and Kathleen (2nd and 3rd female) made it look easy all day. Both were joking with the volunteers at every stop. Ellen even took a little break to catch up with friends and pass out hugs. Those two are a couple of strong runners and it was a joy to see them.

Great job everyone!!!!

Top 3 Men and Women Results Howl at the Moon


Christine Crawford 49.85 miles

Ellen Erhardt 46.86 miles

Kathleen Yarger 44.27 miles

Ellen and Christine on the final lap- Awesome trail ladies!

Brandon Janosky 53.14

Tommy Doias 51.85

Mike Crowder 51.35

Margaritaville aid station- that's me and Kathleen's dad, Norm Yarger.