Saturday, January 9, 2010

Javelina Jundred October 31, 2009

Me, Tom Wilson and Betsy Johnson. My 2 Awesome Pacers!
This is just after the race. Notice I have my 100 mile finisher Belt Buckle!!!

I was overcome with emotion to finish my first 100 mile race, Javelina Jundred in Fountain Hills Arizona. October 31st 2009. My pacer, Betsy Johnson had to remind me during the last 9 miles to save the crying for the finish line. I ran this race for my Dad, Michael Lee Cooley. He is a Vietnam Veteran that spent 2 years in Vietnam. If at anytime during the race I felt tired I just reflected on what he went through to come home safely to me and be my wonderful father. I had his strength to and was proud to see him at the finish line. Thank you Dad.

I paced myself very carefully. I wanted to finish the race and feel good. I took my time at aid stations. It was a mental break chatting with all the fantastic aid station volunteers. I enjoyed the 15.5 mile loop that we changed direction after each time around. It meant you always had someone coming at you. It feels good to smile and wave at a fellow runner. Sometimes when you pretend to feel good, you actually start to feel better! Everyone did a great job! I must admit I was especially impressed with David James. The first time I saw him he looked like he was running a 5k. I could have thought to myself he couldn't possibly keep that pace. But I didn't, because he looked so darned comfortable! He was friendly and strong every time I saw him. He went on to finish the race as first overall in 14:20:54. It was great to see.

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