TEAM MUDD!!! Friends make running trails even better!!!!

This is my Family Tasha (T-Love), Royal (Little Ro), my awesome hubby- Royal and me! My daughter Tasha designed the logo for our running club M.U.D.D.

Tasha- finished 19.75 miles at Howl at the Moon Ultra in 2011. She was 11 years old at the time!

My hubby Royal- Has finished the marathon distance a few times and is signed up for his first 50k at Ice 50 2012

My son Royal (14)- Is a dancer, he practice 40+ hours a week, year round! He has big dreams of dancing on stage the rest of his life! He was Nutcracker Prince at 2011 & 2012 for a 2 week showing at the Woodstock Opera House.
Holly Bochantin- "Rock Climbing Babe" and Tough Trail runner Chick
Holly and I wanted to get people excited about running trails and decided to start the M.U.D.D. club in 2010
Congratulations to Holly for finishing Kettle 100 mile 2011 on a very hot and humid day! 
She won 3rd place AG award!! Incredible job!
Holly's first 100 was Lean Horse 100 in South Dakota. Holly finished Javelina 100 in 2012 with a new 100 mile PR time!

Anastasia Andrychowski- "Super Girl"- Anastasia finished her 1st 100 miler at Javelina 100, Fountain Hills AZ 2010 !!!! She wore her Supergirl outfit and had a blast all day and night!!! Anastasia is a 100 mile super girl now. She finished 2- sub 22 hour 100 milers in 2012. Finished the Midwest Grandslam of 100s and was 1st overall female at Hallucination 100. Rock on Supergirl!

Juan Juarez- AKA "The Machine" junkie with a serious trail addiction!
Juan the Machine finished his first 100 at Iron Horse in Florida, 2011. He was amazing!! He
even managed to speed up his last 25 miles!!!! In (2011) Juan crew/paced at Badwater for Oswaldo Lopez!!!! Oswaldo ended up finishing 1st overall!

Timothy Kruse ran his first ultra in 2012 at Earth Day 50k . He continued to train and then finished North Country 50 miler the same year! Tim is an avid weight lifter and loves the obstacle course races where he can use his strength. He's been a valuable member of our club.

Scott Laudick has been a great addition to our club. He has ran Earth Day 50k and Ice Age 50 mile a few times. He is an excellent photographer shooting many races across the country. You can find his work at Runnerpics

Geoff Moffat is a MUDD hill speedster. He is a big fan of Pikes Peak marathon and Sawtooth. Geoff is course director of all the MUDD races.

Here is MUDDers Keith Daniels and Jake Burkhart. Keith ran his first 100 at Potowatomi 100 and Jake paced him.

Michael Johnson- Logger of extensive miles...wishes he had a dollar for every mile run! He ran an excellent race at Ice Age 50 this year! He had a fast PR finish after only having a few weeks to recover from surgery before the race. Great job! Michael was also a VA underground 100 finisher!

Kamil Suran- Adventurer/ Iron Man champ. Finished his first
100 at Leadville 2010. Incredibly he did the Leadville 100 mile bike ride the week before.
VirginiaTriple Iron Man Winner- 1st overall and new course record!!!

Chuck Shultz- Great Athlete! I have a lot to learn from him. He finished his first 100 at Mohican in Ohio! Chuck finished Virginia Triple Iron man in October 2011!

Brandi-This is Brandi Henry with my daughter, Tasha. She shows up for every trail run with yummy baked cookies and bread, so you can imagine she is very popular! Brandi was my daughters Running Buddy for Girls on the Run! Brandi is an awesome runner and supporter of the running community. She finished her 1st 100 mile race at Kettle 100 in 2012. Brandi ran her second 100 mile race at Mohican 100, since she is an over achiever she ran 110 miles that day!

Ric Nienstedt- Ric is such an awesome friend. None of us knew how lucky we were when we found him on the trail one day. ha ha!!! He said "looks like you all are having fun" We said join us! He has many times since! Ric finished his first race ever at Ice Age half marathon! Ric has completed a full marathon at the MUDD poker run in October. 

This is M.U.D.D. runners Lenny, Steve and Nikki....all three of them finished thier first 50 mile race at Ice Age 50- 2011. We enjoyed training with them and seeing everyones victory!

Ben and Sarah- fun and speedy distance runners. Sarah did a sub 24 hour at Vermont 100-2010. They have done a ton of great much to list! Sarah finished Sawtooth in 2011! Watch out for her this year at Kettle 100, I predict she will be top female!
Karen Shearer (on the left with me)- She has ROCKED Ice Age 50 a couple of times and numerous other ultras in the area! Karen finished her first 100 at JJ100 in 2011! She ran Potowatami 100 in 2013! Congrats!

TEAM M.U.D.D. runners- Kettle 100/100k 2011

Ice Age 50- 2010

Me and the amazing Julie Aistars.

TEAM M.U.D.D. Club at Ice Age 50-2010

This is just a few of my amazing M.U.D.D. trail running friends. We may have never met one another had we not had running and adventure in common, now many are great life long friends. I am thankful for them and everyone I meet at races. Thank you Gals/Guys! I am happily running the trail ...looking forward to discovering what's around the next corner! Happy trails...Michele Hartwig