Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rock Cut- Triple Crown race series

We all had a great time at the Rock Cut Hobo Run race weekend! The Hobo races have reasonable prices and plenty of swag. The race is held at Rock Cut State park which has great campground. We got a group together and rented 3 campsites. Park rules allow 3 tents on each site and we were filled to capacity with tents, MUDDers, love and laughter!

Trying to photo bomb Gerome

 Hobo Triple Crown Race Results

Friday- 10k night run
dry, cool, pr weather
Saturday- 25k
Sunny and beautiful, great day for a run
Sunday- 50k
major downpour, trails were MUDDy
Caveman and Momma Caveman! Nice 25k finish (11 years old)

Congratulations on great runs from our MUDD camping crew-

Shelley Cook for finishing 1st overall Female in the Triple Crown Series!

Alec Bath 3rd overall in 25k!

Imola Hablik son ran the 25k. He is 11 years old! Imola Hablik finished the 25k with her son. It was a PR distance for both of them.

Blair Piotrowski finished the Triple Crown with Age Group awards! 

Timothy Kruse finished the Triple Crown with a age group award!

Todd Brown on killing the 50k after killing the 50k at North Face in Wisconsin the day before! B2B50k weekend!

The rest of us went to cheer, support, and squeeze in some training miles! I know I've never laughed so hard. It was fun to meet Roxie who was a sweet camping dog. A fabulous weekend Giggle Fest! I am so thankful for great friends.

Selfie by Runnerpics photographer Scott Laudick!
Lot's of laughing around the campfire

Me and my sweet daughter at the night 10k

Gerome and crew sitting around the campfire

This was when our "camp circle" was still small

Scott Laudick, Geoff Moffat, Andrea Pate

Scott Laudick and Geoff Moffat had a way with the well as the sweet tea and maple syrup

Alec Bath, Shelley Cook

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